Hollywood Hills Real Estate Market – Hollywood Hills Homes For Sale: Open Mic on Luxury Property and Lack of Inventory

Well, our title is a pretty good indicator of what’s on our minds and clearly the minds of many hungry Buyers in the market place today.  After touring the Hollywood Hills for Caravan Tuesday and only seeing only 13 new properties for sale in the Sunset Strip and West Hollywood areas –   sadly didn’t see a lot of new and great property that seems appealing to us which begs the questions – Where the heck are all the goods properties at ?


Excellent question posed by an anonymous buyer at an Open house.   Carefully listening to the Open House Agent and waiting for the response, I heard a long pause.  This to me is funny because I knew right away what the answer to this mans question was.  The pause was so long that it made the Buyer feel like the agent was pulling it out of his XXX to give an answer.


Mr. Buyer of you are listening or in this case, reading and overheard me casually speaking to my partner, you will now now where to find your grerat proeprty buy.  It won’t be ( and I mean this loosly ) in the MLS.  Your new home purchase is a property that isn’t currently listed for sale.


So you r wondeering how the heck will you ever find out about that property.  Simply put, any agenbt that tells you that they are watching the MLS daily for something to come out, isn’t the right agent for you, especially if you are in the Hollywood Hills Real Estate Market and you want to buy in the next few months before……. you got it the rates go up and or before the agent who knows the answer here sells it to one of his clients before it hits the market.


Where can you find these properties?  easy,  Follow this link and you you’ll land on a page that has all the unlisted properties available based on value performed by the bank and organized by zip code.  if you see something you like  pick up the phone and call me right away.

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